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Efasal Centers & Retail Outlets

Efasal offers in depth learning of the agro supply chain both from "factory to farm" and "farm to factory"

350+ National & Multinational Brands

Efasal offers a complete range of agro products of 350+ multi national branded companies.

100% Agro Product Range

Efasal is planning to provide every type of agro products.

50000+ Farmers Associated

Efasal is planning to associate all farmers in its mission.


Efasal is bringing a beautiful positive impetus in agro sector of MP. We are proud to be a part of Efasal parivaar. Today we can reach our farmers even in the remote fringes of our district 100% agro inputs of best quality and attractive prices
Kamlendra Singh
6261415391 Satna
What makes me really satisfied and happy is that we are able to provide our farmers at entire range of agro inputs at best price even at the peak season or at crisis period.
Kuldeep Rajput
8871537569 Morena
Efasal has taken up a very difficult challenge as people with vested interests will never want such a transparent and organized robust agro solution platform to be created.However I believe Efasal will make it by the dint of its zeal and passion and conviction
Puja Tiwari
7317215792 Jhansi
I have been in fertilizer trade for 25 years. But I have the largest farmer clientele today after becoming Efasal center in spite of doing on cash carry business.My farmers no more needs to grapple for prices or quality or even range. I am able to give my farmers from horticulture seeds to fertilizer to spray pump to fertilizers
Jignesh Kothari
9406609515 Alirajpur